A New Chapter is Beginning

A new chapter is about to begin.

I told myself about 3 months out I would start blogging about this new chapter because knowing it isn’t easy to get there is an important (and sometimes comical) part of the process.  So, we are at that stage and it is time to start a new blogging series on my website.

What is it called?

Well I am hoping you can assist me with this.  I have been trying to scrap together a good title but have come up empty. Here is what I thought would be fun instead-

You decide!

Title game.
Choose your letters wisely!

Hey, why not, it has to be better than what I would come up with- believe me!  You send in publicly or privately your blog series title and I will select the winner. You may enter as many as you wish. If I cannot choose I will leave to a public poll in the end.  I have a feeling it may end up this way because there are many crafty wordsmiths following me.



What are you titling, you ask?

Next Blog Series
Next Blog Series

Well, my adventures in Africa of course!  Three years in fact so make it a good title. I figured, who lives in Africa?  Who wouldn’t want to know what that would be like?  So, come follow me on my daily life, learning how to get along as an American in a radically different setting.  I am pretty sure I can make buying mangos at the market or a gorilla tour comical.  So there you have it, me, in Africa, giving you a glimpse into daily life on an adventure very few get to experience.  You in?  Well, as soon as I have a title that is.

So, start throwing out ideas!  Oh, and of course the winner gets a prize but I won’t tell you what and spoil my fun. I have to get something out of this too and I LOVE to give gifts! I may or may not give clues…

Titles are due August 22nd.  Tell your friends. Everyone is welcome to participate.

I recommend putting ideas in the comment box.  Seeing what others come up with may get everyone’s creative juices flowing too.

Good luck my wordsmith friends!


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