What’s The Story?

So here we find ourselves, me typing away and curled up in a blanket while you join me to embark on our adventure.  What shall we talk about?

I find my conversations with friends to be some of the most fun and passionate.   Most of the time, like many of you, I am puttering around doing household tasks, errands, or volunteer work but I delight in my girl time. I love having those deep, insightful conversations where we fish out our thoughts versus what the media feeds like an assembly line of garbage.

My blog came from just that, conversations with fabulous people like you. This creates a way to bring the discussion from my couch to yours.  I want to hear what your perceptions of the plethora of topics going on. I want us all to know how to articulate where our beliefs came from, why we believe them, and how we know them to be true. In today’s world we need to know how to stand firm in an ever changing world of what is acceptable.  I look forward to the party-of-one conversations in my head, or sofa chats, come alive on screen.  I also look forward to your thoughts on the subjects as well as suggestions for topics in the future.

I am passionate about helping those ready to go deeper, go further in their walk, do just that. In our conversation, so many times I hear your heart but the struggle is often figuring out how to take that next step. My big dream is that this is a place of deep discussion, resources, prayer, mentoring, and discipling. I want to see you take that next step. Let me encourage you to go all in with God; you’ll never regret it.

Stay in touch with FaceBook. I look forward to our next chat together.

Until then…


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