Colossians Bible Study

I need this.

I feel like I have been wandering the desert lands and I am thirsty. Anyone else?

It has been a long year. I have felt completely ungrounded and directionless in many ways; more than I can remember feeling in decades.

As the lone ranger, by that I mean Protestant Christian if you haven’t been keeping up with my posts, it has been a rough go. Fellowship with me, myself, and I can get stagnant quickly as my thoughts are my own, not to mention accountability goes right out the window.

What I thought was going to happen met reality and I stood on the sidelines of life and let those two objectives duke it out. Not a way to live for anyone; not a way to live for a Christian leader. For that I apologize to God, myself, my family, friends, acquaintances, strangers…

I have done this dance of uncertainty concerning daily functioning and remaining hopeful for tomorrow. Had I not had Jesus, well, I’d rather not go there. I am thankful for the hope of tomorrow but I had to get off the Merry-Go-Round of perpetually hoping for tomorrow to come. A leader finds solutions therefore I summoned the strength to get up and fight for tomorrow to finally arrive.

Truth is, a solution will come when I solve the biggest problem I face here in Africa: FELLOWSHIP, CHURCH, MENTORSHIP, GOD’S WORD, PRAYER…

Having to go it alone locally does not mean I can’t ask others to join me in cyberspace! Maybe you know a little of what I am talking about. I know there are others that feel just as isolated as I do. Isolation doesn’t only take place in distant foreign lands. We could be surrounded by loving people and feel the same because we can get stuck in the much sometimes , can’t we? Thank God for creating beautiful people who have the ability to provide us the internet and connecting us all.

Earlier this year I blogged about Growing Deeper so I am studying Colossians over the next 4 weeks. I would love to hear from you. I will even attempt videos, something I have been interested in exploring. Feedback on those would be great.

Carving out Sabbath time on Sunday’s, I will post the questions I will be asking myself concerning the reading material that week. On Thursday’s I will blog, sharing my insights.

There are ONLY 4 chapters Colossians! That is correct, we’ll have read and studied a whole book of the Bible in one month’s time. Kudos, check this book off your list.

I hope you join me in my quest for that everlasting water and truth. Above all, my prayer is that you are in a right relationship with the Lord, seeking knowledge, growing in His Word, and standing in the gap where he calls you. It is getting rough out there.

You are Called to Lead,

Trisha Bruce



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I am a wife, mother, speaker, and mentor with a passion for people. I would be honored to come along side you, wherever you are in life, and encourage you to walk closer to God.

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