Gabon Election Update

Four days have passed since my last post. In that time, the Gabonese have voted and results have finally been reported.

The re-elected President, Ali Bongo, will continue the family name in office and begin his second 7 year term.

For the second time, his victory has been met with accusations of cheating and riots. Yes, that means we are there now. So far, to my knowledge, it hasn’t gone beyond tear gas and tire burning but it is early yet.

The people of Gabon are in need of prayers as they deal with the election, the announcement, and the future. We hope they can find constructive, healthy ways to handle it all.

There is so much to say but I cannot find my words. It has been a long week already and who knows how long we’ll be enduring riots and protests. We have been prepping for this and have run through some food ourselves, but we are in no means of starving. However it makes me wonder about the locals and their food supplies, the families that are separated because of the safety concerns, and the children who must be scared.

I will blog again in a few days and let you know if a resolution is on the way.

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