Parenting Series- Let’s Begin

I need accountability, don’t you?

Life is up and down with business, calm, trials, and success.  Life moves whether you are on board with it or not.  This leaves routine challenges for our family.  I don’t know the last time we had a stable, routine life (relatively speaking)… back in 2007?  Yes, life has gone upside down and sideways since 2007.  I have been mulling over what would keep me accountable doing devotions and applying the Bible daily with the children as we last talked about.  If I am being honest, if there is a lot of planning involved, it is not going to happen.

Is there anyone else brave enough to admit this too?

Not only does it have to be doable for me but also for my daughters. Kids are kids no matter how well behaved they are.  If I have to fight them to do it or they will be distracted easily or any number of other things kids do while having to sit still, devotions will not happen.

Oh sure I could pick some well-intentioned book  and it may go on for a while but like most things in people lives, it would peter off with all the other, “I wish I would have kept up with …”

Can we just be real with that?

So, as I pondered wanting to be more consist with the kiddos while relating life back to God’s Word, I had to be real with expectations of both sides.

I went to a Christian store on a birthday mission a few days ago, my eldest will be 9 tomorrow!  Going up and down the aisles I came across devotions and had that “oh, yeah, I should look at these” moment knowing I wanted to get this kid blog series rolling.  There are many good ones out there but I have to be honest, I did not go traditional, I went with fun.

You know what, that is okay parents.  Bible time does not need to be work, or serious, in fact I do not think it should be at all!  So I chose fun, I chose Duck Commander.  Yes, that is what I said.  No need to read it again and we are all excited. (No, I am not being paid.  I am a simple Mommy just honestly telling you what I purchased- not suggesting you all go out and buy it too… unless you want to.)

For those who want to ride along with me on this journey, this is what I am going to be blogging about- devotions, life application, and “things kids say.”  You know kids always have something comical to add.  My challenge will be recording it all in time before I forget to tell you.

Oh, come on, I know you have this problem too.  Who has thought they should record “all the things kids say?”  How is that going?  Yeah, my journal on that is blank too.  Maybe in doing this I can actually write one or two down!

This is not a ridged 356-day devotion book.  You know the kind that if you miss one it instantly weighs you down with an amassing amount of guilt?  The guilt that shouts, “It has only been 5 days and I already messed up!”  I liked this guilt free aspect of this devotion book- a lot.  Can we just all throw in an “Amen” there?  There are about 103, so it is doable. This also means I will not have a daily blog on the kiddos; I will pop in 2-3 times a week.  I will label them all “Little Ducklings (…)” and can be found under that tab on my website.

Who do you follow?
Who are you following?

In addition, there are life application pieces I eluded to earlier.  This allows the children and I to spend time on what God said and how it applies to life, and then apply it! Isn’t this where things go wrong, we read devotion, but after that second cup of coffee, it is over- forgotten?  I love that this book allows us freedom to work with God’s word and over the course of 2-3 days really see it as a living word.  This is what I cannot wait to see unfold and share with you.

Kids are so honest, and see things so clearly that we adults muddy.  This is technically a task to cement God’s Word into their sweet hearts for a lifetime but I know that in this process I will be humbled many times over.  In this process, I will grow along with my children.

There is no better way to spend time as a family than this- growing together in Christ?  Letting our children see our failures, success, humility, and strength.

In a time where our family is undergoing a lot of change (a blog series coming), spending time on our hearts and minds will go a long way to getting us all through this year better.

Come along this ride with us, I hope this encourages you to start up your own consistent devotion time with your children.  For some of you, coming along this journey is about reading what my little-bit says.  I know, I am curious too.

So, I am not promoting this as the only way, nor am I saying we won’t get out of sync while traveling. We are human.  I simply intend this to be a fun time with the Bruce girls- growing with God.  If that sounds fun then we look forward to hearing from you too!

God is always working in all of us; the hard part is realizing it and making the changes.  Next Up, “Little Ducklings- Words”…

Until next time-


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