Parental Victories

I thought there would be juicy details of my children’s latest tirades but I have none to offer today.  It has been a nice week.  Not to say they were angelic but their recovery from behavioral incidents has been all a mother could hope for.

For instance, last night my oldest became overwhelmed with packing.  In a fit over a dirty shirt, she hollered, stomped toward her bed, and mid fall gave a dramatic performance of, “I am going to bed.”  Now, I of course responded with complete self-control by stomping out and hollering “fine” because I am always a mature adult.

Now none of this has to do with shirts and packing but completely about the fact we are tired and I still have college papers to turn in that night leaving me a bit stressed.  A question is, does my child know this?  Does she understand why we are acting short fuzzed?

Of course not.

I go off to take a shower in an attempt to collect myself, relax, and get lost in the silence of life.  As I open the door, I am startled.

There she stands.

My eldest is just standing there patiently waiting for me to finish my shower (how very Stephen King of her).  After I recover from my heart attack, she begins to tell me why she is standing there.  Getting straight to the point my daughter says, “I am getting older now and need to act like it.  I cleaned up and did all you asked.  I didn’t mean it; I am not going to bed now.”  She knew how ridiculous her behavior had been.

Victory for Mom.

For months, a year maybe, we have been dealing with this new attitude of stomping, throwing, and declaring.  For months I have had the same conversations with her, “You are growing up, you need to set a good example, God calls us to be slow to anger…”  Her whole life, I have been setting the example and apologizing for my own missteps in character- see above behavior.  We have been waiting for the puzzle pieces to snap together.

Recently, in the last weeks, the effort to thwart this behavior is paying off!  She is now correcting the behavior and owning up to what she did. Anyone else have songs like “Hallelujah” or “Victory In Jesus” play in your head during these triumphant moments?

Victory In Jesus
Songs of Praise When Our Children “Get It”

Parenting headaches become forgotten and a new vigor is established.  Stay the course parents!

I wonder how God feels when we finally get something right? Maybe He sings “Hallelujah” and “Victory in Jesus” too?


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