Speaking Locally

Where are my prayer buddies?

You may recall that I became part of the CRU team as International Affiliate Staff. This weekend I have been asked, by the local CRU director, to speak to the local ministry group and other local Christians. This will be my first time speaking to this group and to date I have only met two of the local ministry people. Well, second time really but right after a girl lands in a foreign continent is a little soon to speak. I needed to see straight before trying to put a speech together.

Please keep me in prayers as I prepare these “words of encouragement.”

I simply pray to be a vessel, a mouth piece, of encouragement from the Lord. Nothing I say is of any worth but words of the Father is living water. Let whatever I prepare to speak about be just that.

This is also the first time I will use a translator. Pray with me that the Lord gives him the words also. Translating from english to french is actually difficult.

I truly believe God orchestrated this whole African adventure; although, I feel truly insufficient when I think about the task at hand, I can’t wait to have a front row seat to His mighty work. The place I serve may change but He never does.

They have asked me to come encourage them in their endeavor to serve God and this ministry. It is true that from a westerner in a western culture I have plenty to say on the subject. I understand the struggle to maintain consistent and or committed members. I understand the plight of weariness, being downtrodden, and burdened. I understand so many trials of ministry leadership; however, from a westerner in an African country, all I think is I have much to learn.

I am excited and humbled; I look forward to sharing how the meeting, or “reunion” as we say in french, goes.

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I am a wife, mother, speaker, and mentor with a passion for people. I would be honored to come along side you, wherever you are in life, and encourage you to walk closer to God.

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