Sweeping is my Superpower

This week has been one of those quiet, down weeks. Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? However, it is because we have had a run of poison oak in the house. My handsome hubby has always been susceptible to it, a bit of kryptonite for my personal superman, and it appears, one of my daughters takes after him. So, we have hung out at home battling fevers, taking soothing baths, slathering on calamine, and not sleeping.

My other daughter has chosen to hang out with her polka-dotted sister instead of friends which makes this mom’s heart soar. Having pity on this discouraged itchy girl myself, I have done her home chores… or found out how undone they were may be more accurate.

While sweeping minutes ago, I was having the mom conversation in my head about how I am going to have to show her the correct way to do this chore. She is supposed to be my clean-freak; I should not have to come up behind her to check. She is old enough to sweep without supervision. You know these internal mom conversations, right? Tell me I am not alone in this. Then the thought struck me…

Isn’t this the same conversation God has about us!?!


Not sure about you but I have had quite a few years now to figure some things out myself and yet there I go making mistakes and breaking commandments; essentially not following God’s instructions on how to do the job.Cosette-sweeping-les-miserables-emile-bayard-1862

Granted, I have the sweeping thing down but God isn’t concerned about my sweeping superpower, is He?

Do I put in the amount of care into God’s instruction that I expect my little child to put into a task that, granted makes my feet sing, doesn’t even rate?

Not like I should.

My girls have seven chores and I expect them all to be to my standard when they are through. God has two standards of which I mess up plenty, To love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36-40). Whose standard should we be focused on anyhow? Definitely not mine.

So I wanted to encourage you out there today, don’t seek perfection in some task you have set to your subpar standard. Seek to do what matters, obeying God & His law, and loving Him & His people. His standard is better and will make you happier than clean floors.

Until next time,


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6 thoughts on “Sweeping is my Superpower

  1. oh I love this. You stopped me dead in my tracks when wrote “Isn’t that the same conversation God has about us?” Yep! I will think about this now for the rest of the day. Thank you. Just found your blog through Blogelina buddy group – happy to cheer you on!!

  2. Perfection is certainly not in my vocabulary. As I grow older, I have learned it’s better to see and hear and read first. The mind never shuts off. For the good or for the bad. That’s when you sit yourself down and pray for a sign your not going crazy. Then I get a call or read something, that puts me back in the right frame of mind. We all have daily struggles to deal with. What we have to realize is, we don’t have to struggle alone.

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