The Dynasty and Censorship Continue

The announcement from the court took place 31 hours ago, confirming Ali Bongo as President of Gabon. In an interesting twist, the court accused both candidates of cheating and Bongo’s lead for victory increased in the final confirmation. President Bongo has told Ping he would be arrested and his government has already arrested a high-ranking ex-official that backed Ping. As a westerner, arresting an opponent and those who backed the opposition is unfamiliar territory. I am pleased we do not attempt this practice. Our politics are far from honorable but at least we have not fallen so far as to arrest those of differing opinions or politics.

So, with that I add nothing has changed. Bongo remains in power, no unrest has developed with this verdict, and we remain censored with our internet curfew and social media suppression. I remain cautiously pleased that no one else has been harmed in this emotional election. I say cautiously because it is has only been 31 hours since the announcement. Cautiously optimistic is the phrase of the week for all of us with the newness of the this next era, or continuation of it all actuality.

Bongo family dynasty will continue on into a 5th decade of power. I am curious to see how Bongo  addresses, and acts upon, his next Presidency, it being contested 2 for 2 now. In addition, what will the people do over these next seven years? They have twice protested a Bongo victory, will they accept it or decide that as a Republic their voice stands for more?

The country, leadership, and the people need continued prayer and wisdom for direction, not from man but from God. Continuing to look at Bongo or Ping for salvation of Gabon and the betterment of their lives will only bring disappointment.

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